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Undergraduate students graduate from Angelo State University in front of their family and friends.

2017-2018 Carr Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Annual Award* Qualifications
Carr Graduate Fellow  Up to $2,500  3.76-4.0 Overall Undergrad GPA
Carr Graduate Academic   Up to $2,000 3.51-3.75 Overall Undergrad GPA 
Carr Graduate Blue and Gold Up to $1,500  3.4-3.5 Overall Undergrad GPA 

The Carr Graduate Scholarship awards listed above are based on enrollment in 9 total semester credit hours (SCH) per fall or spring semester. Students enrolled in fewer semester credit hours will receive a pro-rated scholarship amount.

Note: The amounts in the table do not include summer terms. Carr Graduate Summer scholarships will also be awarded to the extent that funds are available.

  • Application

    There is not an application for the Carr Graduate Scholarships. You must be accepted for graduate admission to ASU as a degree seeking student to be considered for any Carr Graduate Scholarships.

    The College of Graduate Studies and Research will use your transcripts to calculate your undergraduate GPA. If your overall undergraduate GPA falls within one of the ranges listed above, you will automatically be considered for a Carr Graduate Scholarship.

    Students will be notified by e-mail if they qualify for a Carr Graduate Scholarship.

  • Disbursements

    The Carr Graduate Scholarship will disburse based on students’ total enrolled hours for the semester.

    • 9 or more semester credit hours =       100%
    • 6-8 semester credit hours =                  75%
    • 3-5 semester credit hours =                  50%

    Repeated and incomplete coursework will not be counted toward your semester credit hour (SCH) enrollment requirements for disbursement.

    Students should check with the Scholarship Programs Office before dropping a class to see if the change will affect their Carr Scholarship eligibility.

    Census Date

    Many graduate programs are on an 8 week schedule. We encourage student to register for 1st 8-week and 2nd 8-week courses at the beginning of the semester. After the university’s census date (12th class day of a regular semester), awards cannot be adjusted to account for additional course work. 

    Students who withdraw from the university on or before the university’s census date (12th class day of a regular semester) will have their Carr Scholarship disbursement canceled, which may create a balance due to the university.

  • Renewal

    To continue receiving your Carr Graduate Scholarship, you must:

    • Complete 12 semester credit hours each year
    • Maintain an institutional GPA of 3.50 or higher
    • Complete your degree within 36 months

    Students who graduate within the 36 months and return to complete more coursework, are no longer eligible for the Carr Graduate Scholarship.

    For more information, please review the Carr Scholarship Terms, Conditions, and Satisfactory Academic Progress for the Carr Graduate Scholarship.

Getting Started with Graduate Admission

Follow a step-by-step process to enroll in a graduate program at Angelo State.

You are strongly encouraged to register for the first and second eight week sessions simultaneously, before the first eight week session begins.

Angelo State University awards approximately 975 new undergraduate Carr Scholarships and 150 new Carr Graduate Scholarships each year. Carr Scholarships are renewable per the eligibility guidelines. New Carr Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students are available for students entering in a fall or spring semester. ASU awards more than $2 million in Carr Scholarship funds to new undergraduates and more than $380,000 in Carr Graduate Scholarship funds to new graduate students. The university is authorized to award scholarships until the appropriated funds are reached.