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Receiving Scholarships

Disbursing Scholarships

All financial aid, including outside scholarships that are received by ASU, will be applied toward your student bill. If you receive financial aid in excess of your bill, you will be refunded via your ASU OneCard, depending on how you have set up your refund preference. Additional information on refunds and the refund process can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Maintaining Scholarship Eligibility

If you are the recipient of a renewable scholarship, you must follow these terms and conditions to maintain your scholarship eligibility:

  • Be admitted to ASU as a degree-seeking student
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student
  • Meet the published Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Meet the individual scholarship requirements as specified by the donor
  • Follow student conduct guidelines outlined in ASU’s Student Handbook

Scholarship recipients are also expected to attend ASU’s annual donor banquet.

Accepting a Scholarship Award

Follow these steps to accept your financial aid and scholarships.

  1. Log in to RamPort.
  2. Select the Financial Aid tab.
  3. Go to the “Award” channel.
  4. Select “Award for Aid Year.”
  5. Click the drop-down menu and select the aid year. Hit the “Submit” button.
  6. Click on the “Fund” name to view the corresponding award message and pay close attention to any additional steps you must take, as well as the enrollment status required for each specific fund. Accept or decline each award (you may indicate in the box to the right if you wish to accept partial amounts for loans) and hit the “Submit Decision” button. You also have the option of selecting “Accept Full Amount All Awards” to accept all awards as offered.
  7. You must notify the Scholarship Programs Office if you have been awarded aid for a term that you will not be attending (for example, if you are graduating or transferring) so that we can adjust your award period, amount and prorate any loan amounts accordingly. 

How Scholarships affect Other Forms of
Financial Aid

Depending on the types of financial aid you have been awarded, scholarships may impact existing financial aid awards. ASU monitors your “need” as indicated in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as it relates to the university’s cost of attendance. More information is available in the “Awarding Financial Aid” section of Financial Aid’s Consumer Information web page.