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Thank You Letters

Congratulations on your scholarships! To acknowledge the wonderful gift and investment in your education, provide a thank you letter to the donor of your scholarship.


Scholarship donors love helping students, and they would enjoy the opportunity to get to know you better. Below are some guidelines to help you with the content of your letter whether your donor is from Angelo State University or an outside/external donor.

The content listed below is ï»¿required for letters to donors of ASU scholarships. 
  • Who are you?

    The content for the header and introductory paragraph should include:

    • Return Address
    • Date
    • Full Name
    • Name of the Scholarship
    • Classification
    • Major/Minor
    • Share something interesting about your hometown, your high school, or family. 
      • Are you a first generation student?
      • Do you have any siblings in college or coming after you?
      • Was either/both parent or guardian in the military?
      • How did your family help you decide to choose ASU?
      • Is your hometown larger or smaller than San Angelo? What was that adjustment like?
      • Was your high school very small? 
  • How is your life as a student?

    The content for this section should discuss your life as a student at ASU.

    • Share why you chose this major.
      • Is a family member/mentor in this career? Did someone help you choose this career? How will your major get you to that career? 
    • Share which student organization(s) you are involved in.
  • What are your goals?

    The content for this section should discuss your goals as a student and your career goals.

    • Share student goals.
      • Are you working towards graduating with honors? Do you have to maintain a specific GPA? Do you want to hold a student office in an organization?
    • Share your career goals.
      • Will you need a higher degree (master’s or doctorate level)? 
  • Statement of Thanks

    The content in this section should express your gratitude. 

    • Thank the donor for the scholarship, and include the full name of the scholarship.
    • Describe how the scholarship award is helping you to meet your educational and career goals. 
    • Close the letter using ‘sincerely.’
    • Sign the letter with blue or black ink.
Before you Send the Letter
  • Proofread! Letters with spelling, grammar, and mechanics mistakes will not be accepted. 
  • Send the original signed with blue or black ink. Copies and emails will not be accepted.
  • Make sure that all 4 content areas represented in your letter. Letters missing the 4 required content areas will not be accepted.
  • Make sure your handwriting is clear. Illegible letters will not be accepted. 

Sample Letter

 Please review this sample letter as an example. Do not copy and paste this letter. 

Turn In Thank You Letters

Send original typed or handwritten letters signed with blue or black ink to the Scholarship Programs Office.