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Cheerleader and Mascot Tryout Information

Please email questions or concerns to

Tryout Dates: Saturday August 26th

Time: 10:30am Start (10:00am Registration) – 1:00pm

Location: Center for Human Performance

Announcement of New Team Members: Up to two hours following tryouts. Results will be posted on the website

New Squad Mandatory Meeting: 3:00pm in the Center for Human Performance (CHP) Dance Studio

All portions of tryouts are CLOSED to the public; only applications, coaching staff, and ASU faculty/staff will be permitted.

 Tryout Attire

Females: Black Sports Bras, Black Spandex, Cheer Shoes, Hair in Ponytail, Cheer Bow, Game Face Ready

Males: Black T-Shirt, Black Shorts, Tennis shoes

  • Qualifications

    The ASU Cheerleading Squad is a coed team made of up to 16 members, four of whom may be males. If there are less than four males selected for the squad, the balance of the possible 16 positions may be filled with females.

    Current ASU Students

    To qualify, current ASU students must have a of 2.0 or higher at the time of tryouts, be enrolled for at least 12 semester credit hours and be in good standing with the university.

    Incoming Transfer Students

    Students transferring from another college or university must have been admitted to ASU at the time of tryouts and have a GPA of at least 2.0.

    Incoming Freshmen

    Incoming freshmen must have been admitted to ASU at the time of tryouts.

    All Candidates

    All candidates must provide proof of insurance and complete medical information forms prior to tryouts. The university provides supplemental medical insurance through the Athletic Department. All students selected for the squad must have a physical exam prior to being placed on the insurance policy.

    General Expectations

    All members of the ASU cheerleading squad must be enrolled and complete at least 12 semester credit hours and earn at least a GPA of 2.0 each semester. Each member is also expected to maintain a minimum accumulative GPA of 2.0 and be in good standing with the university while on the squad. Only the ASU cheerleading director may grant exceptions to the course load requirement. Any member who fails to maintain these requirements or who engages in activities detrimental to the cheerleading squad or to ASU is subject to dismissal from the squad. 

  • Skills

    Even if you do not have these skills, you are encouraged to try out—we look for potential as well.

    Cheerleading Skill Requirements:


    Standing Back Hand Spring

    Round Off Back Hand Spring

    Double Toe Touch, Right & Left Hurdler, and Pike

    Group Stunts:

    Liberty, Heel Stretch, Arabesque, etc.

    Two foot full down or double down

    Coed Stunts:

    Chair, Toss Hands, Toss Hands press extension or press liberty


    Fight song



     Double Toe Touch, Right & Left Hurdler, and Pike

    Coed Stunts: Chair, Toss Hands, Toss Hands press extension or press liberty


    Fight song


    All athletes must learn the cheer from the “videos” section of the ASU Cheerleading website

    All athletes must learn the fight song from the “videos” section of the ASU Cheerleading Website

     Interview: Athletes trying out are encouraged to review that ASU Athletic Department Website and ASU Traditions Section on the ASU website to prepare for possible interview questions.

  • Forms

    All forms are required prior to tryouts.

    • A copy of the front & back of each cheerleaders health insurance card needs to be on file in the Student Life Office.  The fax number for the Student Life Office is 325-942-2354.  Insurance for the cheer candidate must remain active during all cheerleading activities in addition to being in the parent or guardian’s name.  Otherwise, the Academic HealthPlan for ASU is required with the Athletic Rider Option.  Health insurance verifications will be performed during the year to ensure no coverage has expired, changed or cancelled.

    Tryouts will be held on a nine panel cheer floor. No spring floor will be available

    The ASU Cheerleading Team will stunt All-Girl and Co-Ed throughout the season.

    This is a YEAR LONG commitment. We begin our season in the summer with camp and cheer football, volleyball, and basketball games. The team will also attend select spring sporting events and community appearances. Should the team earn the chance to compete, competitions will be scheduled throughout the season.


  • Video Info

    Video Submissions

     Please submit all video tryouts to the email

     Video Format:

    Introduction – Name, age, where you are from

    Interview: Please read and answer the following questions:

    • What is your cheer background?
    • What qualities make you and outstanding candidate for the ASU Cheer Team?
    • What measures will you take throughout the semester to ensure you continue to meet the minimum GPA requirement?
    • What do you feel is the most important role of an ASU Cheerleader?



    • Highest Level Standing Tumbling
    • Highest Level Running Tumbling
    • Double Toe Touch
    • Right & Left Hurdler
    • Pike
    • All-Girl Stunting: Extended two feet w/full down, Liberty, One or more body positions if able
    • Coed Stunting: Chair, Toss hands, Toss Hands press to full, Liberty or body position if able

                    ***Please choose to tryout either All-Girl OR Coed

                    ASU Cheer

                    ASU Fight Song


    • Highest running & standing tumbling if able
    • Double Toe Touch
    • Right & Left Hurdle
    • Pike
    • Coed Stunting: Chair, Toss Hands, Toss Hands press to full, Liberty if able
    • ASU Cheer
    •  ASU Fight Song

    **Video submissions must be received by August 26th at 10:00am to be considered. Please attach all of the required documents along with the video the submission email.

    ***Video tryout attire is the same as tryout attire

    • Videos

      ASU Cheer Video #1

      ASU Cheer Video #2





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  • For more information about Student Life or ASU Cheerleading, our office is located on the Garden Level of the University Center.

    Call us at 325-942-2062 or email us at Student Life

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