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Welcome to ASU Cheer

ASU Cheer College Prep Clinic

The cheer team will be hosting three recruit clinics during the 2017-18 season. These recruit clinics are open to high school freshman through seniors as well as current ASU students interested in cheer. 

Clinic Dates

November 19th, 2017

January 28th, 2018

March 25th, 2018 

All Clinics will be held from 12:00pm - 3:00pm and are FREE!

Clinics will be held in the Center for Human Performance (CHP) Gym

Interested athletes will need to complete the application below as well as the following form in order to participate 

  • ASU Cheer College Prep Clinic Application

    We are excited that you are wanting to be a part of our recruit clinic. Please fill out the form below to give us more information about you. 

    Please check all that apply
    Please check all that apply
    Please check all that apply
    Please check all that apply
    Please list all allergies
    Please mark all that apply

Please send any questions to

Team Purpose

The purpose of the ASU Coed Cheer Team is to support the athletic teams at Angelo State University and to represent ASU at College Nationals.  Our members embrace their role as ambassadors of the University and represent ASU at a variety of alumni, civic, and charitable events and are committed to displaying a positive and collegiate image at all times that reflects the values and traditions of Angelo State University as well as the ASU Cheer Program. 

Team Description

The ASU Coed Cheer Team consists of 20-30 athletes. These numbers can fluctuate from year to year given the needs of the program. The team cheers at all home football games and splits evenly for all away football games (and post season). The team also splits evenly for all home men and women’s basketball (and post season) and home volleyball games. 

Cheer Big “H” pyramid



  • Cheer Team Roster

    Destiny DavisASU vs McKendree

    Delaney Dominguez

    Megan Espinosa

    Aleya Garcia

    Celeste Gonzalez

    Katelan House

    Genesis Holmes

    Madisen Kent

    Jayslin King

    Karlee Linde

    Cade Pence

    Aaron Richter

    John Sanchez

    Quint Stone

    Anissa Vasquez

    Derrick Vela

    Lacey Voth

    Aspen Winston

    Head Coach: Kaylee Feece

    Graduate Student Worker: Sheila Corcino

    Student Assistant: Cortney Clark

    2017-18 ASU Mascots

    Greg PatuleaASU Mascots

    Brittany Silvers

    Whitney Cauthen

    Austin Vandiver

    Shea Hale

  • Meet The Coach

    Kaylee Feece comes to Angelo State University from Ancilla College where she coached at the Junior College level for three years. During her coaching career at Ancilla, Kaylee led the Chargers to a 2015-16 National Championship and a 2016-17 3rd place team finish at CheerLtd College Nationals. She also holds a coed stunt group National Championship and a coed stunt group runner-up finish for the 2016-17 CheerLtd Nationals. While at Ancilla, she also helped the team bring home several NCA College Nationals Bids and multiple first place competition finishes. Prior to coaching at Ancilla, Kaylee coached at the high school level for five years in Lansing, MI at Lansing Catholic High School and was the youth cheerleading program adviser for two years. 

    Kaylee is a 2013 graduate of Michigan State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and was a member of the Michigan State University All-Girl Competitive Cheer Team for two years. During her college cheerleading career, she was a BIG10 cheerleading runner-up and a two time National Cheerleading Association (NCA) National Qualifier. Prior to cheering at the college level, Kaylee was a member of 2009 State Champion cheerleading team at Michigan Center High School in Michigan Center, MI and received all-conference, all-regional and honorable mention all-state honors, as well as several academic awards.

    Kaylee currently resides in San Angelo, TX with her husband Jacob. 

  • ASU Cheer Core Covenants

    Angelo State University – Coed Cheer Team

    Coach – Kaylee Feece


    Dedication – An ASU Coed Cheerleader shows dedication to the team and program by whole heartedly fulfilling their assigned commitments.  An ASU Coed Cheer Team shows dedication by working hard, being on time, staying motivated, and being prepared.

    What does this look like?

    • Being on time to practice, workouts, and events.
    • Stepping into positions, even if they are different than their original, when the team needs them to.
    • Being fully engaged, spirited, and focused at games.
    • Setting an example for others on the team and in the community; being a leader.
    • Being respectful to teammates, coaches, professors, university faculty/staff, and any other community member.
    • Pushing each other to gain higher skills.
    • Keeping drama out of practice, games, events, and the team as a whole.
    • Showing uniformity at games and community events.
    • Staying on top of our skills and workouts.

    Family– An ASU Coed Cheerleader shows that they are a part of the family by being respectful to all they come in contact with, actively participating in events, and being involved with their teammates lives. An ASU Coed Cheer Team shows they are a family by being involved in the team and community, caring for one another, being welcoming to new members, pushing each other to continue to grow, and working to be a cohesive group.

    What does this look like?

    • Taking part in team activities and actively engaging while at them
    • Supporting teammates interests outside of cheerleading
    • Be there for one another during tough times without judgment
    • Celebrating teammates success’s and accomplishments
    • Setting an example for younger teammates to carry on the proper behavior of the ASU Cheer program and cheerleaders
    • Learning to cooperate well with each member of the team regardless of level of friendship.
    • Being courteous and considerate of the ways in which we speak to other members on the team and our actions towards them.

    Integrity – An ASU Coed Cheerleader shows integrity by always being honest in every situation, and holding themselves to a high level of accountability. An ASU Coed Cheer Team shows Integrity by being fair to one another, having strong morals, and holding each other accountable.

    What does this look like?

    • Holding high standards in regards to academics. This includes academic honesty, grade point average, and behavior in the classroom.
    • Knowing the difference between right and wrong and making decisions that reflect positively on the team, program, and university.
    • Not cheating themselves during team workouts and committing to and completing out of season workouts.
    • Realizing other team members potential and helping them to grow for the betterment of the team and program.
    • Sharing the knowledge of the program with incoming members to continue to build a legacy.
    • Being genuine with all they come in contact with.

Contact us

  • For more information about  ASU Cheerleading, our office is located on the Garden Level of the University Center.

    Call us at 325-942-2062 or email us at

    Find us on your favorite social media!

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