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ASU Coed Tryout Requirements

Required Skills

Even if you do not have these skills, you are encouraged to try out—we look for potential as well.

Female Requirements

  • Running Tumbling

    Round-Off Back handspring back tuck and Round-Off Tuck

    Recommended: Series, Layouts, and Fulls

  • Jumps/Standing Tumbling

    Front Hurdler, Pike, Toe Touch

    Standing Back handspring

    Recommended: Standing Back Tuck, Double Whip Toe Touch, Toe Back handspring, and Toe Back Tuck

  • Top Girls (Stunting)

    Liberty, Heel Stretch, Arabesque, Full Down, Front Flip (These top girl skills are needed for all-girl stunting and coed stunting)

    Recommended: Full Up, Rewind (spinning and flipping), Scorpion, Scale, Overstretch, Double Down

  • Top Girls (Basket Tosses)

    Toe Touch and Back Tuck

    Recommended: X-Out, Layout, Full

  • Female Base and Backspot

    Base all one-legged stunts
    Experience basing/throwing basket tosses

    Recommended: Full up, Rewind (spinning and flipping), and Quick Toss           

 Male Requirements

  • Jumps/Standing Tumbling

    Pike and Toe Touch

    Standing Back Tuck

    Recommended: Double Toe Touch Back and Double Toe Backhandspring Back Tuck

  • Running Tumbling

    Round-Off Backhandspring back tuck and Round-Off Tuck

    Recommended: Series, Layouts, and Fulls   

  • Stunting

    Toss Hands, Toss Extension, Press Lib from hands

    Experience Throwing/Basing Basket Tosses

    Recommended: Full Up, Toss Lib, Toss cupie, Rewind, Double Down           

The cheer tryout form is one step away. 


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