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Student Life
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Non-Traditional Students

Non-traditional students (non-trads), sometimes referred to as “adult learners,” are an extremely diverse group of people. Those who feel they do not fit the traditional college student profile may be considered non-trads, including undergraduate students who entered college a year or more after high school graduation, are working to support themselves and/or their families, have dependents in their care, are married or divorced, are serving in the armed forces or are veterans. Nationally, non-trads comprise approximately one quarter of the undergraduate population. With their unique life experiences, non-traditional students often add an exciting dimension to the classroom and college experience.

The Student Life Office is your liaison within the university. If you have a problem, need or concern, you can reach us by phone at 325-942-2062 or via e-mail to Student Life.

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Read these pages for helpful information about being a non-traditional student: