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Student Organizations
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Ram Rugby placed 2nd at the Western Regional Tournament, Spring 2013

Student Organizations - Club Sports

Club Sports 

Club Sports, registered student organizations whose primary purpose is to represent Angelo State University at various competitive events, fall into a special category of organizations.  The University may place additional requirements and stipulations on organizations classified as a club sports.  

Separate funding, outside of the SOLF program, will be provided for club sports activities.  A proposed student organization must declare at the time their Student Organization Registration Form is submitted whether it wishes to be classified as a Club Sport and be subject to all policies and procedures pertaining to club sports, or be classified as a regular student organization and be eligible for SOLF funding in the same manner as other registered student organizations.

Club Sports Council 

The Club Sports Council reviews and makes recommendations to the Assistant Director of Student Life concerning requests for club sports funding received from registered student organizations who fall under the club sports category.  In addition, the Club Sports Council makes recommendations for changes to funding operating procedures and the SOLF budget.  Club Sports Council is comprised of representatives from club sports and is chaired by the Assistant Director of Student Life.

2014 - 2015 Angelo State Club Sports 

  • Angelo State Official’s Association

    President: Brianne Wilburn,

    Advisor: Mr. Jeromey Whitaker

    Purpose: to serve intramurals and the recreational sports department with officials for their competitive programs; promote better officiating through clinics, meetings, and evaluations throughout the season; promote uniformity in officiating through the use of training materials, officiating clinics, and interpretation meetings; provide a classification system in order that officials may be encouraged to continuously seek to improve themselves; and to encourage, develop, support, and provide the opportunity to officiate at the next level if so desired.

  • Handball Club

    President: Scottie Moler,

    Advisor: Dr. Warren Simpson

    Purpose: to establish and promote handball at Angelo State University; promote and stimulate the fitness component of handball; increase student sports involvement and intercollegiate competition; serve as a campus clearinghouse for information pertinent to students, faculty, and staff interested in handball; stimulate creative and experimental techniques for handball; promote research in the field of handball; and enhance the role of handball for the campus community.

  • Intramural Advisory Council

    President: Trevor Brunet,

    Advisor: Mr. Jeromey Whitaker

    Purpose: to serve the intramural sports program in an advisory capacity; review and make recommendations of intramural sports policy; serve as a council that reviews and rules on intramural sports disciplinary appeals; provide recommendations for intramural sports programming; and recommend and support extramural team participation at state, regional, and national sports competitions.

  • Ram Powerlifting Club

    President: Desiree Trinidad

    Advisor: Dr. Adam Parker

    Purpose: to complete strength training and compete in powerlifting meets; provide and stimulate leadership among all persons engaged in powerlifting; and maintain and improve professional standards of powerlifting.

  • Ram Rugby Football Club

    President: Preston Granzin

    Advisor: Dr. John Klingemann

    Purpose: to introduce and promote the sport of rugby, as recognized by the U.S. Rugby Football Union, to the campus of ASU; to teach and enhance rugby rules and skills to the students involved; to improve the member’s overall physical being; to instill the exhibition of good sportsmanship; to represent ASU in a competitive manner in rugby sporting events; and to offer each member the chance to improve leadership skills by democratically being chosen to serve in leadership positions.

  • San Angelo Crux Monkeys

    Purpose: to provide students with a safe and fun learning environment to learn how to climb; create and establish a lasting climbing community in the San Angelo area; and promote the organization through the development of a program of activities involving the university and local community.