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Student Organizations
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Risk Management

  • Any new student organizations becoming registered in Fall 2014 will be required to attend training in Spring 2015. 

Risk Management Training is held in order to provide ASU registered student organizations with the most up to date information on student organization risk management and responsible activity planning. It is the Center for Student Involvement’s goal to assist student organizations in making positive choices. All student organizations should be concerned with risk management. No matter how big an event or how small an activity, risk will be present at some level. Learning to manage risk will reduce individual liability and ensure a fun, safe environment for participants.

After organization leadership has attended Risk Management Training, it is their responsibility to present that information to the rest of the organization. Once the information is presented, please submit the Statement of Completion indicating that the report was made to the organization’s membership. Attach a copy of the meeting agenda or minutes as documentation.

In order to maintain active status as a registered student organization, the Statement of Completion must be submitted to the Center for Student Involvement by the date designated during training.

 At this time, the following student organizations have attended a Risk Management Education Program. The next step in completing training is to submit a Statement of Completion indicating that the full membership has been provided information related to risk management. 


Risk management 

Student Organizations:

The Risk Management Statement of Completion is due by October 4th to the Center for Student Involvement.