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Disability Accommodations

Building Accessibility

Designated handicapped parking spaces are provided in each parking lot serving a university building. Each building has access ramps and an elevator as needed to provide convenient access to all building activities.

Spaces in Mary Massie Hall, Robert Massie Hall, Texan Hall, Centennial Village and the Vanderventer Apartments have been adapted to meet the needs of students in wheelchairs or who have other forms of physical disabilities. Students who need assignment to one of these facilities due to a disability should notify the Housing and Residential Programs Office as soon as they decide to attend Angelo State.

If you encounter any issues regarding the accessibility of programs, services, or facilities, please contact the Student Affairs Office at 325-942-2047.

Hearing Impairment

For people with partial to severe hearing loss, personal assisted listening devices are available for checkout. The Student Affairs Office  works with students of all levels of hearing loss to ensure that classroom lectures are adequately communicated.

Visual Impairment

For students with visual impairments, the university provides a reading machine in the university library. The machine will scan a page of text and then read the page aloud to the student through headphones. If desired, the machine can produce a recording of the passage that the student may take. This machine is available during regular library operating hours. Students are also permitted to tape record classroom lectures for review after class. The university also provides software called Zoom text that is designed to enlarge text and is available in MCS 111 on computers #14, 15, 16 and in the library on computer #23. ASU also provides software for students who need a text-to-speech format. JAWS Version 8.0 converts text to speech and is available in the computer lab located in Room 111 of the MCS Building on computer #15.


For students with ADD/ADHD the university can provide authorization for longer time for classroom tests (normally an extra 50 percent) and/or testing in a quiet, reduced-distraction environment. Students with ADD/ADHD may also benefit from the accessible format textbooks and text-to-speech software offered through the university. These are authorized on an individual basis and must be justified by documentation.

Tools to Help

  • Livescibe 4GB Echo SmartPen has innovative technology that allows the user to record everything with up to 400 hours of audio or write thousands of pages of notes and store them. Play back information by tapping pen on notepad. Notes can also be downloaded onto the computer with the SmartPen can be purchased at local retailers and office supply stores.
  • Victor Reader Vibe by Humanware is a digital talking book player. It is designed to play highly structured books such as reference works, textbooks, and leisure reading materials that are formatted in the DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) Format. The Office of Student Services has these available for check out to students who qualify.
  • Ruby Handheld Video Magnifier by Freedom Scientific is a hand held video magnifier that lets you magnify printed text and objects from two to 14 times the object’s actual size. The  Student Affairs Office has these available for check-out to students who qualify.
  • Motiva Personal FM Wireless Listening System from Williams Sound allows anyone needing auditory assistance to overcome background noise, reverberation, or distance from the sound source. This system has a transmitter and microphone that picks up sound and broadcasts it through a receiver and earphone. The receiver can pick up broadcasts up to 150 feet away.

Accessible Format Textbooks

Textbooks may be provided to students with a qualified disability in CD or E-Text format. Students with qualified disabilities will need to take the following steps to obtain accessible format textbooks:

  1. Once registered for courses, obtain a list of textbooks with the title, author, publisher, edition, and ISBN Number for each book from the ASU Bookstore, either online or in the store. Textbook information can also be obtained from professors.
  2. Students will then need to obtain membership to RFB&D or Bookshare. These memberships are free to individual students at this time and funded through the U.S. Department of Education.  Both these organizations provide accessible format textbooks for free.  Students must provide a Disability Certification Letter within 10 days of submitting application for membership or membership will be cancelled. Students can submit a copy of their previous evaluation provided that it includes a definition of the disability and a professional signature.
  3. Please notify the Student Affairs Office if you do not have access to a computer to apply for these memberships and we will provide you with the necessary forms and access. These memberships are for one year and will need to be renewed.
  4. If a textbook is unavailable through RFB&D or Bookshare, check with the ASU Bookstore for an e-book format. These can be purchased through the ASU Bookstore and downloaded in a text format.


Complete and submit the form below to apply for disability accommodations.

Initial Application for Accommodations


Complete this form if you have received disability accommodations in the past and need new verification letters to submit to your professors.

Accommodation Renewal

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