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IT Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Service has always been a guiding principle for Information Technology. Since 1998, Dr. Chawla, Professor of Marketing, has graciously provided his expertise and a team of his talented marketing students to perform a customer satisfaction survey for Information Technology. The information gathered from these surveys is used to focus resources on services that are most important to our students.

From the ten years of data that has been collected there are some interesting highlights…

1999 Survey

Pie Chart

Of the 63% of students who owned a personal computer, only 40% of their computer time was spent using email and internet.

Pie Chart

46% of students were very interested or extremely interested in having 24 hour lab access.

2000 Survey

Pie Chart
  • Freshmen used the labs on average 5.36 times per week.
  • Of the time all students spent in the labs, they utilized:
    • Word Processing: 32%
    • internet: 25%
    • Email: 17%
    • Spreadsheet: 10%
    • Presentation Software: 7%
    • Other: 9%

2001 Survey

Bar Graph
  • 79% of students owned a personal computer.
  • 46% of students used the MCS lab between midnight and 7 a.m.
  • 17% of students checked out a cart with computer and projector for classroom presentations.

2002 Survey

Bar Graph
  • 30% of students chatted online in the labs.
    MSN was students favorite on-line chatting application.
  • 70% of students used the MCS lab between midnight and 7:00
  • 21% of students owned a PDA or planned to purchase a PDA within 6 months
  • The top three desired services were:
    • Providing access to personal network drive space from home
    • Extending the hours of registration
    • Providing discounted software to students

2003 Survey

Bar Graph
  • 22% of students used their ASU email address
  • 14.7% of students owned a PDA device or planned to purchase one within the next six months
Pie Chart

Software licensing option that students would use most if ASU Offered student licensing for personal use:

  • Microsoft: 80%
  • Corel: 8%
  • Adobe: 11%
  • Other: 1%

2004 Survey

Bar Graph

Of the 85% of students who owned a personal computer:

  • 17% of them owned a laptop.
  • 72% of students were “extremely interested” or “very interested” in the university providing Virus protection for students personal computers.
  • 60% of students used ASU’s dialup service

2005 Survey

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Bar Graph
  • 21.6% of students used wireless network access on campus
  • 95.2% of students reported that they have been in a classroom where the teacher used a computer and projector
  • 41.1% of students used color printing service in the labs

2006 Survey

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Bar Graph
  • 70% of students owned a laptop
  • 50% owned a desktop (as you can see, some owned both.)
  • 59.72% of students use their ASU email account
  • 45% of ASU students own a music device
Pie Chart

87% of students that have taken a class using Blackboard described it as a positive experience.

2007 Survey

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Bar Graph
  • 95% of students own a cell phone
  • 11% of students own a smart phone
  • 38% of students use wireless on campus
  • 32% of students were “interested” or “very interested” in taking a class where material was available via podcasting

Pie Chart
  • 82% of students claim internet Explorer as their favorite browser
  • 15% claim Firefox as their favorite browser

2008 Survey

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Pie Chart

86% of students are aware of ASUAlert, the emergency notification system used to send messages via ASU email, voice, and text messaging.

Bar Graph

If ASUAlert were to be used for messages other than emergency type messages:

  • 37% of students would like to receive general registration information
  • 44% of students would like to receive bill payment reminders
  • 30% of students would like to receive campus events information (sports, UCPC, student government)
  • 37% of students want to receive only emergency type information
  • 4% of students would like to receive other type of information such as cancellation of classes

2009 Survey

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Pie Chart

72% of the students use USB to store their data. 21% use Network or P Drive access and 6% use either Floppy Disk and/or Email.