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Safe Connect

Network access for students on campus is provided using Safe Connect. To maintain security, Safe Connect requires that computers connecting to the campus network are updated with the latest security patches and are running an up-to-date virus scanner.

As you access the network which will be called you will be required to download the new software. Safe Connect requires you to register gaming consoles and media devices. To configure your wireless settings automatically, connect to Visit the XpressConnect instructions for help.

Safe Connect will:

  • verify your campus technology access account username and password
  • check to see if Windows is set to automatically download system updates
  • check to see if a virus scanner is installed if applicable
  • check to see if the latest patches for your virus scanner are installed
  • provide you with instructions to update your computer if necessary

Safe Connect will NOT:

  • Safe Connect will NOT scan for viruses on your computer. It simply makes sure you have software installed that can scan for viruses.
  • Safe Connect will NOT access files on your computer or network share.
  • Safe Connect will NOT track your internet, email, or any other computer activity
  • Safe Connect will NOT give anyone the ability to “watch” the activities on your computer.


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