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Wireless Network

Getting Connected

Configuration for network access is provided by XpressConnect. This tool will automatically configure your wireless settings for you.

Remote Drive Access

Remote Drive Access allows students, faculty, and staff to access their documents and files stored on the P: drive from the wireless network.

Acceptable Use and File Sharing

Anyone accessing the ASU network will be required to agree with the university’s information security policies which references copyright and digital media rights.

Wireless FAQ

  • What is the VPN Client Software?

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and provides a secure connection through an insecure network (typically the internet) to a secure network. In our case it provides a secure connection from a remote site to the ASU campus across the internet. VPN is a solution that will give authorized remote users the same full access to campus resources that on-campus users currently enjoy. All ASU Students, Faculty and Staff must request access to VPN. For more information, visit the Remote Network Access webpage.

  • Why is ASU using VPN Client Software?

    ASU has a firewall that helps to protect the internal campus network. In some cases, remote persons need access to internal resources. VPN provides a way for persons to connect securely to the internal network and get to resources that are usually only available from on campus.

  • How does the VPN Client Software technically work?

    The VPN client uses a strong encryption algorithm to create a secure tunnel for all IP traffic with a destination within the campus network.

    VPN connections are terminated on the campus firewall which handles the decryption of received data as well as the re-encryption of data sent back through the secure tunnel.

  • What is the maximum time I can stay connected to the VPN?

    The VPN server will disconnect a connection after it has been connected for 12 hours. If you are disconnected, you can just reconnect once you need to do more work.

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