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Wireless Network

Getting Connected

Configuration for network access is provided by XpressConnect. This tool will automatically configure your wireless settings for you.

Remote Drive Access

Remote Drive Access allows students, faculty, and staff to access their documents and files stored on the P: drive from the wireless network.

Acceptable Use and File Sharing

Anyone accessing the ASU network will be required to agree with the university’s information security policies which references copyright and digital media rights.

Wireless FAQ

  • Where can I get wifi on campus?

    Wifi is available across most of the ASU campus. If you feel that we have left out an important area, please contact the Technology Service Center.

  • How can I get wireless access at ASU?

    Wifi internet access for students on campus is provided using XpressConnect. If you need assistance, bring your laptop to the MCS 111 Computer Lab and ask for help.

  • Which network should I connect to? is the wireless network for first-time device setup. This network directs your device’s browser to a web page prompting you to install XpressConnect. Follow the instructions provided on the website. is the faster, preferred wireless network for ASU faculty, staff, and students. To connect to this network, connect to and follow the instructions. is the wireless network for devices that are not capable of connecting to, such as game systems and smart devices. You must register your device before connecting. is the wireless network provided to visitors who are not affiliated with the University. This network has limited bandwidth and access. The guest network is not recommended for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Can I install a wireless router in my dorm or office?

    No. ASU policy prohibits extending or retransmitting network services or configuring wireless personal area networks. Any wireless access points or bridges that are found on campus will be disconnected from the network and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the installer. ASU is doing its best to provide wireless networking in all areas on campus. If you feel that we have left out an important area, please contact the Technology Service Center.

  • Can I set up a wireless printer?

    Due to security settings to protect our students, wireless printing does not work and is not supported. However, most printers have a USB connection available to connect directly to your computer/laptop.

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