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XpressConnect Installation Instructions for Macintosh

The process of connecting to the campus wi-fi has been streamlined in order to make connecting quick and simple. By connecting to, a client may be downloaded that will install your connection certificate and configure your wireless network to connect to our network.

  1. Select the from the available wireless networks.
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to any webpage. You should be redirected to a page titled “Welcome to the Angelo State University Network.”
  3. Accept the End-User License Agreement and click start. You may get a message from your browser asking if you would like to run Java, if that occurs, click allow.
  4. Click Student and enter your username on the next page.
  5. Download, unzip, and run the SafeConnect Setup package. When prompted, select “Install for all users of this computer”
  6. It may ask if you want to make changes to your computer. Enter your password and allow the changes.
  7. The wizard will now be on the second step, installing SafeConnect. Click the install button.
  8. After SafeConnect has installed, go back to your browser and download and run the student profile. You will see a window like this:
  9. Enter your password on the next screen and Install.
  10. The wizard will go through the process of connecting you to the network. Once successfully connected, you will be directed to a webpage prompting for sign in. 
  11. Sign into the webpage. If successful, you will now have internet access. You may also notice that the computer has connected to the network instead of the network. This network will automatically connect when on the Angelo State campus.

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