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Executive Summary

This document presents the Information Technology Strategic Plan for Angelo State University. The purpose of this plan is to provide a “roadmap” for the Information Technology (IT) Department to implement and deliver services that support the strategic mission and goals set by Angelo State University, the Texas Tech University System, and the statewide goals/objectives set by the Department of Information Resources (DIR).

This planning document is part of an overarching planning process that ensures the following:

  • A shared vision for Information Technology that is consistent with the university’s vision, mission and goals.
  • Alignment of technology initiatives with institutional priorities.
  • Dissemination of knowledge about technology needs and constraints.
  • Address institutional academic and business needs through the use of technology.
  • Identifying required funding levels for technology.

While technology continues to play an integral part in university related activities, industry trends show initiatives that focus on the integration of people, processes, and technology will deliver the most value and benefits to the institution. To further articulate this point, value and benefits translate into more streamlined processes, as well as, timely access to better information to make better decisions. This allows the institution to deliver more value-added services to its customers and improve the institution’s efforts in the ongoing recruitment and retention of students.

Over the past ten years, the Angelo State University Information Technology Team has depended on a strategic planning process to evolve and meet the challenges of delivering quality services to the ASU campus community. A key component of this planning process is centered on the recognition and understanding of people, process and technology as well as customer needs captured through a variety of feedback mechanisms that are used to improve and deliver new and existing services. To gain insight into customer needs, the Information Technology Department conducts an annual technology services survey that measures customer satisfaction and target desirable new technology services. Survey feedback is incorporated into the annual budget request process and the Institutional Effectiveness program.

The diagram below shows the Information Technology planning process and the two main components – the strategic and tactical/operational aspects of the process. Click to enlarge.

Planning Process Overview

Planning Process Overview

The strategic aspect of the planning process is to develop a vision for technology at Angelo State University by continuously evaluating feedback from students, faculty, and staff to identify new services and make improvements with existing services. Furthermore, in this process we compare ourselves to peer institutions, both in Texas and nationally, while aligning ourselves to industry trends, as well as, system-level and state-level priorities and goals. All of these factors are routinely evaluated and aligned with the priorities and goals of Angelo State University.

The tactical/operational aspect of the planning process ensures that technology initiatives are planned, selected, and managed at an institutional level and are sustainable from a fiscal, people, and process resource perspective to ensure ongoing delivery of services.

To ensure an effective process for determining and prioritizing user technology needs, Information Technology has established a Project Office that focuses on the planning and delivery of new technology initiatives. This office works under the guidance of the Technology Steering Committee which provides the prioritization, direction and resources for technology initiatives on campus.

We will continue to deploy information technologies that provide tangible, measurable benefits for Angelo State University students, faculty and staff. Enhanced network based services, web enabled software systems and expanded information security tools are being deployed. New technologies that provide seamless, integrated access to information services both in and out of the classroom will remain a high priority. As outlined in this plan, Angelo State University is committed to remaining a technologically advanced institution supporting our institutional mission and goals.

This plan will be evaluated and updated annually, allowing the opportunity to review and adjust to changing conditions. As Angelo State University evolves, its needs and priorities will change, and this plan will be revised accordingly to reflect changes to priorities and goals.