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Information Technology
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Cell phone and laptop

Mobile Device Security

Mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops and other mobile technology can be easily lost or stolen. Given that they are built to be mobile, that plays into the hands of thieves very nicely. Keep your mobile devices secure and in your possession. Below are some simple recommendations for helping keep your mobile technology secure.

  1. Keep your mobile devices locked up when you don’t have them with you. They are easily stolen by someone with even casual or one-time access to an area. Consider investing in tracing or tracking software. For iPads and iPhones, the following services are free:

For android devices, your similar features can be found from Google’s Android Device Manager.

  1. Use the device’s ability to lock or require a password or PIN to use.
  2. Use antivirus software made for the device. There are a variety of AV products for most mobile devices.

Other security concerns you should know

Make sure you watch out for scam e-mails, and avoid illegal sharing of protected intellectual property.