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ASU Testing Center Rules and Regulations

  • Videotaping for security is fully in place. Any student caught cheating will be disciplined under the university‚Äôs rules and regulations as stated in the University Catalog.
  • Picture IDs will be used to verify that the student testing is enrolled in each course.
  • All belongings will be left in storage units at the entrance to the center.
  • Calculators, pencils and paper will be available in the Testing Center. No personal equipment may be used. All materials and scraps must be returned to the monitoring staff before the student leaves the area.
  • No electronic equipment, phones, hand-held devices, books, hats, calculators, etc., will be allowed in the testing booth. Books or notes are only allowed when the instructor has authorized an open book/notes test.
  • No food, gum or drinks are allowed in the Testing Center.
  • Once students are seated, no discussion is allowed. Quiet is expected.
  • Testing time is regulated by the instructor, and bathroom time is not included.
  • Testing begins when a student logs on and ends when the student logs off or time has expired.
  • Students can only enter an assigned test. No other programs can be accessed.
  • A printer connection is not available for every test. Only certain tests have a printer connection to print the end-of-test score report. Your test administrator will notify you if it is possible to print your test report.
  • If students encounter problems with a computer program, they should notify the monitoring staff, who will contact Information Technology. If additional testing time is required, the course instructor will authorize the adjustment.
  • Monitoring staff do not have answers to any exam and cannot give assistance on testing items.
  • Students are to log out of the exam when they are done, but are asked not to close the security section.
  • Fees paid directly to the Testing Center are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The above policies should be viewed as a guide only. They may be modified during the semester.