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ASU-Texas Tech Transition

Based on HB 3564 passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, Angelo State University will be realigned for the purpose of governance from the Texas State University System to the Texas Tech University System effective September 1, 2007. While many ASU constituents will be minimally impacted, many details must be resolved.

Mr. Jim Brunjes, Vice Chancellor for Finance, CFO of the Texas Tech University System recently visited ASU and met with a wide representation of campus personnel. His message was one of encouragement and excitement. He stated, "ASU will remain Angelo State University and the Carr Foundation will remain in San Angelo." Mr. Brunjes has been named by the Texas Tech Board of Regents to serve as the lead transition person for the Texas Tech System. Dr. Joseph Rallo has named Sharon Meyer, Vice President for Finance and Administration as the lead transition person for Angelo State University.

For a number of months to come, it will be necessary to have meetings, teleconferences and communication among and between all of the transition team members from each institution. Many individuals at ASU will be asked to participate in areas where they have expertise. The ASU Transition Team members are as follows:

Sharon Meyer, Lead for ASU-Tech Transition Vice President for Finance and Administration

Angie Wright, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration

Denise Brodnax, Controller

John Russell, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction

Don Coers, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs/Provost

Rich Beck, Associate Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Doug Fox, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Shirley Morton, Advancement & University Relations

Rhonda McClung, Director of Development

Skip Bolding, Risk Management Specialist

Preston Lewis, Communications and Marketing

The ASU Transition Team will meet on a bi-weekly basis over the summer and into the fall. The combined Transition Team from both ASU and Texas Tech will meet by teleconference every two weeks.

A comprehensive Task List is available on this Website. The Task List will provide not only a tracking system but also a status report. The transition will create opportunities to improve processes and may result in changes in policies and procedures. Obviously, there are some issues that are more time sensitive and critical than others. We will be addressing the most time sensitive issues as a top priority but not at the expense of ignoring other issues that are being reflected on the Task List. Everyone is encouraged to provide input on issues that are currently on the Task List. If, however, you believe there to be an issue that needs to be addressed that is not on the Task List, please contact Sharon Meyer.

This Website will serve as the primary means of communication from the Transition Team to the university community. Please contact any team member if you have issues or concerns.