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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that the faculty pay rate for teaching summer courses will be reduced from the current level to that of adjunct pay status?

No, ASU's current pay system for teaching summer school is not being changed.

Is it true that the Texas Tech University System has indicated faculty and staff will not be getting pay raises or that any such raises will be determined by the system itself?

No, that is not true. Raises will be given as planned by ASU and at the level determined by the ASU administration. A 3 percent across-the-board raise and a merit increase for faculty have been approved by the Texas State University System Board of Regents for all classified, unclassified and faculty employees who are ASU employees as of Aug. 31. The raise is effective Sept. 1.

In addition, merit increases of at least $600 annually have been authorized for staff employees whose performance review ratings were outstanding or exceptional. Employees must have been in their position at least one year prior to Sept. 1, the effective date of the raise, to be eligible for the merit increase. This increase does not apply to faculty or student employees.

Tenure and promotions for eligible faculty have been approved by the university, effective Sept. 1.

Pay step increases have been okayed for classified employees who were scheduled for a step increase under the current pay plan. About 60 employees are due a step increase, effective Sept. 1, based on years of service to ASU.

I will be graduating in December of this year and I have one question about the Texas Tech merger. Will my degree be an Angelo State degree or a Texas Tech degree? And which college's format and seal will it have on it?

Your degree will be an Angelo State University degree. The ASU seal will be on it.

Will Angelo State's name change?

No! One of the non-negotiable items in discussions at the political level about a possible move to the Texas Tech University System was that the name would remain Angelo State University. That was understood by all parties as the discussions progressed into law.

Will our school colors change?

No! Blue and Gold will continue to be our colors.

Is it true that ASU faculty who have not yet achieved their doctorates will all be dismissed?

No! The Texas Tech University System leaves academic decisions up to the individual institutions. No such policy has been imposed by TTUS or considered by ASU.

A rumor is going around that students won't be able to graduate as scheduled because ASU's degrees plans are being changed to match Tech's! Is that true? That is a rumor and nothing more. Students who satisfactorily complete their degree requirements at ASU will graduate as scheduled.