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Information Technology (IT) is working with Communications and Marketing (C&M) to change the entire Angelo State University website to reflect the university's new affiliation with Texas Tech University System, effective Sept. 1. The goal is to produce a more active and informative site and to have this completed by Sept. 1. This work is well under way with additional fiscal resources and personnel being dedicated to completing this project on schedule.

IT and C&M are in the final stages of creating the new home page and new templates for secondary pages that will be used by various departments. Once these are done, they will be made available for viewing on the Transition website. You can expect the following:

  • A more informative website modeled on the site, but adapted to our specific programs and utilizing our colors, logo and tagline.
  • A new color scheme, similar to the headings on the Transition website.
  • New features like a 3-D interactive campus map.
  • More personality, with stories on ASU students and faculty.
  • Additional information about ASU history, ASU traditions, ASU sights and sounds.
  • A news section with the latest campus information available from the home page.

Other features will be incorporated in the new site as well. During the transition process IT will be moving some existing links that are primarily of internal use from the website to RamPort as has been planned since the portal was first implemented. Bottom line is that a lot of change will occur between now and Sept. 1.

Because so much work will be necessary to accomplish this by the deadline, IT and C&M will be operating outside normal ASU procedures. In the past each department maintained its own website within established guidelines. Under this procedure, changes to departmental pages were done by an individual within each department.

Due to the short timeline IT and C&M are facing and because of the vagaries of summer schedules, particularly in the academic departments, IT will be moving ahead with the conversions, basically using temporary help to transfer existing information to the new format. Attempts will be made to let individual departments know when this process begins for each unit, but IT will be proceeding even when unable to make that contact due to schedule or vacation conflicts.

Once IT and C&M have completed the transition, they will be glad to revisit any issues your department might have with the result. IT and C&M ask that all departments understand that the university is trying to accomplish in three months what took ASU 18 months for a conversion to the existing website. Once the conversion is completed, IT will revert to the existing procedures where certain components of each departmental website are determined by the university and other components set by the department. However, keep in mind that TTUS has more restrictive guidelines that, among other things, limit your color choices and use of many distracting web gimmicks. ASU's guidelines will ultimately reflect those restrictions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as ASU moves forward with the web conversion. IT and C&M hope that you will find the process acceptable and, most importantly, the results worth the effort.