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Step-by-Step Employee Travel Planning

  1. Coordinate your travel. 
    1. If more than one person from your department is attending the same event, travel should be coordinated to maximize cost-effectiveness.
    2. For travel involving airfare, please try to plan your trip as far in advance as possible to avoid last minute fare increases. 
  2. Contact the Travel Office for help with quotes and/or any pre-travel questions.
  3. Complete a Travel Authorization Request Form.
    1. TARs must be approved and received by the Travel Office prior to your departure. (Please allow extra time for signature approvals and BTA authorizations.
    2. A memo justifying multiple travelers must be attached to the Travel Authorization Request form. (See OP 70.02 for more information.)
    3. Send materials to the appropriate supervisors for all required signatures (NOTE:  One person cannot be the sole signer on a TAR).
  4. Once the approved Travel Authorization Request Form is received along with required supporting documentation, requested Business Travel Account (BTA) expenses can be processed by the Travel Office (airfare, rental cars and hotels).
  5. Enjoy your trip!
    1. Please contact the Travel Office as soon as possible if any difficulties arise during your travels (flight cancellations, incorrect hotel charges – BTA, etc.).
    2. Save all receipts (the Travel Office does not require meal receipts, but they might be helpful to account for actual expenses).
  6. Upon your return, gather all required receipts and complete a Travel Expense Log. Remember to include as much information as possible to avoid any delays in processing your reimbursement.  Supervisors should approve any expense logs whose total exceeds the amount encumbered by more than 10%.
    1. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days after your return. Travel expenses submitted later than 60 days after the ending date of travel will not be processed and funds will be unencumbered. (See OP 70.04 for more information.)
  7. Once the Expense Log (and supporting documentation/receipts) is received by the Travel Office, we will double-check all information and documentation submitted; if the total reimbursement exceeds the original encumbrance by more than 10%, the Expense Log will be routed to the appropriate supervisor for a signature (if the supervisor has not already signed the log).
  8. If State funds are being utilized, the Travel Office will create a State of Texas Travel Voucher and email it to the traveler. Please look it over carefully; if acceptable, print both front and back pages, sign it and have your supervisor sign it, and forward it back to Travel Office.  A Travel Management Compliance Certificate is only required when State funds are used.
  9. Once the Travel Office receives the signed Travel Expense Log/Voucher, we will process your paperwork and send it to Accounts Payable for approval and reimbursement.