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Techniques and Samples

The pages in this section are intended to demonstrate the styles available within the ASU web templates and the proper use of those styles.

How to use these pages:

  • Each page contains a description of a particular type of HTML element, tag, or special technique with any special instructions related to using that style.
  • Each item will have a code block that shows exactly how to create that element/effect, followed by a live sample.
    • Click the “View Plain” link in the code block to open a separate window showing only the relevant code.
    • Click the “Copy to Clipboard” link to instantly copy the entire block of code, after which you can then paste directly into Dreamweaver’s code view.
    • Click the “Print” link to print just the code block
     The code block will look something like this:
    <h1>This Is A Main Title</h1>

    This Is A Main Title

  • Some pages have additional information regarding appropriate use. Pay particular attention to these areas, as they often describe the right and wrong way to do things.