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Part II: Community Policies

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K. Student Identification

  • The official Angelo State University ID card, the ASU OneCard, is the key to accessing services throughout the campus and also serves as the campus meal card for students who have purchased a meal plan. The first card is issued at no charge and there is a $20.00 fee to replace lost or stolen cards. Students should carry the ASU OneCard with them at all times.

    1. The ASU OneCard is the property of the University.
    2. Students shall not allow their student identification to be used by other persons.
    3. Students shall not alter their ASU One Cards in any way.
    4. On request, students must present their student identification to any member of the University faculty, staff, administration or police.

    A student must pay a replacement charge for lost, stolen, or damaged ASU OneCards.
    For more information about the features of the ASU OneCard, students should visit the website at: