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In with the New

Alvin and Patricia New with daughters Victoria and ElizabethJust as ASU degrees helped lead them on the path toward successful careers in business and education, Alvin and Patricia New hope that their generosity will benefit students following in their footsteps.

In October, the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents officially accepted from the News a $600,000 gift that includes $350,000 for renovating classroom facilities in the ASU business and education programs and $250,000 for the Honors Program.

Alvin, Class of 1984, is the former president and CEO of Town & Country Food Stores, a position he worked up to from the store clerk job he took as a student. During his tenure at Town & Country he made regular presentations to ASU business classes.

“One of the things I thought was missing was a boardroom-type classroom experience that was practical to what life was going to be next for the students,” he said. “The gift for the classroom is for the business school because I’m a business major, but also to Angelo State because I could see a need through participation.”

Patricia, Class of 1986 and 1993, was a teacher and reading specialist at Goliad Elementary in San Angelo from 1988-95.

“It’s the same idea for the education classroom,” Patricia said. “I have not been up there teaching like Alvin has, but we went up and looked and could see the same need.”

Through the New’s gift, Room 263 of the Rassman Building will become the “Boardroom,” where students in advanced business courses can experience a typical corporate environment, including various types of communication technology. Additionally, Room 124 of the Carr Education-Fine Arts Building will be transformed into the Innovative Teaching Center (ITC) that will allow faculty to assist future teachers in the appropriate use of technology for teaching children at all levels.

“The best testament to the success of a university,” said ASU President Joseph C. Rallo, “is the success of its graduates. Certainly,
Alvin and Patricia have been successful in their career paths. Their commitment to provide these ultra-modern facilities in the colleges where they got their starts will help our students on their own paths to success.”

The remaining $250,000 of their gift is earmarked for the Alvin and Patricia New Honors Scholarship and Honors Program Enhancement Fund with $20,000 a year for scholarships and $30,000 a year for program enhancements over a five-year period.

“ASU has always, through the Carr Scholarship, drawn a significant number of high academic achieving students,” Patricia said. “Our gift is to continue to encourage that and keep those kids at ASU instead of having them be enticed by other schools down the road.”

“The Carr Scholarship program is why we both went to ASU and it also helped me get my master’s degree,” she added. “So, anything we can do to support those kinds of kids that maybe have a financial need, but are strong academically and are willing to work hard, we want to encourage them to stay at ASU.”

Since the sale of Town & Country in 2007, the News have started planning future local retail ventures, branched into ranching and now spend more time with their daughters, 13-year-old Victoria and 11-year-old Elizabeth, who both compete in equestrian and dressage events. They have also continued their various civic activities that include Alvin’s position on the board of the ASU Foundation.

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