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Summer 2011 • Volume 4 • Number 2

The newly released summer 2011 issue of Angelo State University Magazine details cutting-edge medical research that is already enriching students’ educational experience in ASU’s Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, and may one day lead to cures for some of the world’s most debilitating diseases.

The latest edition also highlights the accomplishments of several ASU alumni, profiles the recent renovations to the Porter Henderson Library and tells the story of how a chance meeting of ASU alumni at a small-town café is helping build a new tradition.

Additionally, the bonus features available only on Angelo State University Magazine online take a look back at the guest lecturers who participated in ASU’s Distinguished Speaker Series during the spring semester.

The cover story examines research of Dr. John Osterhout and Dr. Edith Osborne into the protein building blocks of life.  While both grant-funded projects are in their early stages, they could lead to larger grants and ultimately to cures for diseases like AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer’s. In the meantime, they are providing valuable research experiences for ASU undergraduate students.

“Virus Hunters” profiles ASU alumnus Dr. Darin Carroll and his wife, Dr. Serena Carroll, who travel the world investigating deadly disease outbreaks, including the dreaded Ebola virus, for the Centers for Disease Control.

“The Sect Life of Women” describes how ASU alumna Molly Swets’ graduate thesis on fundamentalist religion’s impact on women was thrust into the spotlight following the 2008 raid by law enforcement agencies on a nearby FLDS compound.

“The Napkin” tells the story of how an act of kindness by ASU alumnus Chad Peterson has affected the lives of a family of ASU alumni, and epitomizes the camaraderie and respect between members of the Angelo State family.

The magazine’s Along the Mall section highlights several aspects of the university, including the recent library renovations, the new vice president for finance and administration, ASU’s capital campaign and the influx of Korean students on campus. 

Additionally, the magazine provides coverage of the events, people and sports activities that give ASU its rich character.

To read previous online issues of Angelo State University Magazine visit our archives. Complimentary printed copies are available from the ASU Office of Communications and Marketing at 325-942-2248 or

ASU Magazine Vol. 4 No. 2

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Bonus Features

Susan LindquestOn the Cusp Using yeast cells as “living test tubes” to isolate, manipulate and study the genes related to various neurodegenerative diseases, researchers like Dr. Susan Lindquist are gradually coming to grips with the causes and possible treatments of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and ALS.

Bruce Catton's Civil WarShifting Sands Emboldened by the recent successful revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, Arabs throughout the Middle East are demonstrating their desire for freedom from the autocratic yokes they have lived under for centuries.

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