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Goodfellow AFB comes to ASU CS for training

July 27, 2019

ASU’s Department of Computer Science hosted Goodfellow Air Force Base personnel for two 5-day Computer and Network Security workshops from July 15 to July 26, 2019, with a total of 24 participants.

The focus of the workshops was to provide background on networking and operating system concepts, demonstrate security threats to computers and networks, and discuss measures of security defense.  The workshops consisted of many hands-on experiments and exercises on various offensive security topics, i.e., “hacking” techniques, and defensive security, such as firewalls and cryptography.

Our own Lopa Roychoudhuri organized and ran the workshops.  These workshops have been held each summer for the last three years and are much appreciated; one participant commented, “I have seen a lot of this information in other places, but this was a fantastic comprehensive look at cybersecurity.”