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Historic success for ASU at programming contest

November 10, 2019

  • Drew Davis, Ethan Clark and Thai Ly before the 2019 International Collegiate Programming Contest
    Rob LeGrand
On Saturday, November 9th, an Angelo State team competed in the South Central USA Regional of the 2019 International Collegiate Programming Contest at UTSA (one of five sites in the regional) in San Antonio, Texas, and they made ASU’s best showing in the contest for at least thirty years.

The ASU team solved four problems perfectly, the largest number for an ASU team since at least the 1980s, and finished in 29th place out of 60 teams in the regional.  Out of the 19 teams from universities without CS graduate programs, ASU finished 6th.  In the regional standings, ASU finished ahead of teams from such illustrious schools as Rice, LSU, Baylor and OU, plus our traditional rivals Midwestern State and every team from the state of Louisiana.  The school that finished first in each of Texas’s major state university systems:

The “smaRtramS” team consisted of ASU students Drew Davis, Ethan Clark and Thai Ly; Nick Gupton and Hayden Lester served as reserves.  All participating students competed in practice contests each week leading up to the contest, working together to solve programming problems on the same Kattis system used at the regional contest.  The team was coached by faculty sponsor Rob LeGrand.

If you are a current ASU student, consider joining our contest team(s) next year!  In the meantime, you can register at Kattis and try your hand at the contest problems.  Take a look at the list of problems and submit your program to solve one; it will be automatically graded by Kattis.  Kattis also has many practice problems you can try.  If you specify your institution as Angelo State, you’ll contribute to ASU’s overall score; we’re currently the #8-ranked university in Texas on Kattis.