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The Art Down Under

November 07, 2014

Have you ever been in a hurry to get an item from the Library’s basement and found yourself stuck on the stairwell?  Not stuck as in call 911; but found your attention caught by the amazing art display that lies beneath the stairs. 

As next week’s exhibition of art created by graduating seniors approaches, this would be a perfect time to showcase a rotating exhibit of student created art in the Library. This exhibit is located at the base of the center stairwell in the basement of the Porter Henderson Library. The display consists of various pieces of art created by Professor John G. Vinklarek’s students.  Mr. Vinklarek changes the display at the end of each fall and spring semester. It is always a treat to watch him as he carefully brings in the new creations and finds the perfect placement for each piece. As you stand and look at the fine details within each piece, it becomes evident that these students dedicate much time and effort into their work. 

In order to identify each item on display, a nearby stanchion provides the name of each piece and its artist. While matching each work to the titles listed, some are fairly easy to find.  For example, in this image the piece titled “Tall Blue Sea” should be easily recognizable.

Other pieces may be more abstract and require a closer study for identification. The Library hopes you will thoroughly enjoy viewing these sculptures. Remember to come by each semester as the display of works changes.