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Banned Books Week Annual Read-Out

September 30, 2015

Come celebrate your freedom to read by attending the annual Banned Books Week Read-Out hosted by Sigma Tau Delta and assisted by the Porter Henderson Library.

Each year during the last week of September, the annual awareness campaign celebrating our freedom to read, known as “Banned Books Week”, takes place.  Libraries, bookstores, authors, individual rights organizations, and many others use this week as an opportunity to highlight the value of free and open access to information. During Banned Books Week readers are encouraged to examine challenged/banned books and to know their First Amendment rights.

Want to read a section from your favorite banned/challenged book?  Simply click here and sign up online.  A signup sheet will be kept at the Library as well.

Want to listen to others read? Then come to the Read-Out held in the University Center spine today from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and show support for those who have made the choice to read from various challenged/banned books.  Don’t forget to stop by the Library, as we will host a variety of activities throughout the week as well. You will also find daily posts on the Library’s social media sites.

Look here to learn more about Banned Books week.