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Values Journey | Angelo State University



Do the right thing, even if no one knows.

  • Act with upstanding character, humility, and trustworthiness.
  • Be transparent in motive, communication, and action.
  • Take responsibility for actions.
  • Provide honesty and respect at all times.
  • Consider others first.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversidad & Inclusión

Celebrate, appreciate, and build on our differences.

  • Build a culture of participation and belonging.
  • Create and nurture a safe environment to share ideas and welcome inclusive, constructive feedback.
  • Seek to understand; encourage and empower courageous and honest communication.
  • Practice and advocate empathy, just treatment, and mutual respect for everyone.
  • Stand up against injustice to form a foundation of trust and accountability



Construct a legacy and reputation of dynamic impact beyond ourselves.

  • Nurture positive growth of self and others.
  • Embrace opportunities and celebrate achievements.
  • Be inquisitive to expand knowledge and horizons.
  • Ignite innovation.



Collaborate to develop an inclusive sense of place and purpose.

  • Pull together to engage in purposeful teamwork.
  • Serve others and extend genuine acknowledgment and recognition.
  • Unify to strengthen institutional purpose.
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships through intentional acts of kindness.
  • Act to meet relevant community needs.



Hold ourselves and each other accountable to our responsibilities and goals.

  • Generate an environment that handles adversity and supports resilience.
  • Encourage healthy conflict to energize growth and effect positive results.
  • Advocate self-reflection and institutional growth mindset.
  • Deliver excellence through continuous improvement.

Want a printable version of our values? An English and Spanish version are available to download.

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Values in Action

Do you know an ASU employee who exemplifies our values? Recognize them for exhibiting our Core Values in Action.

Questions? Contact Us!

The Values Council is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Chief Core Values, Leader Development, and Community Engagement Officer
Director of Risk and Emergency Management
Associate Athletic Director for Academic Services/Senior Women’s Administrator