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Angelo State University’s Alma Mater has evolved with the school and with the times. The first Alma Mater was written in 1928 by R.R. Masterson, one of San Angelo College’s first faculty members, and called “Our College Song.”

Twenty-three years later Paul Peck wrote a new Alma Mater that reflected the school’s West Texas Heritage, beginning with “O’er the western prairie, ’Neath the Texas sky…”

Times changed and so did the Alma Mater when in 1970 it was decided to replace the early Alma Mater with one that would better reflect the institution’s new-found status as a four-year, state-supported institution. “In Time to Come” was written by Raymond Carver and Douglas Cornell and remains to this day the Alma Mater of Angelo State, though not without a little tinkering to become politically correct. In 1995 the song was tweaked when “we” was substituted for “men” in the first line to read “In time to come when we shall speak of Angelo State University.”


In time to come when we shall speak of Angelo State University, Then let us raise our voices in praise of the truth we seek to set us free. In time to come when our ideals shall become reality, Then let us praise thee, Alma Mater, Angelo State University.