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The ASU Seal is used on the institution’s official documents and correspondence, thus it is reserved for use at the discretion of the President’s Office. The diploma of each graduate, for instance, is affixed with the Official Seal in the school colors of blue and gold.

The University Seal features a central shield which displays the ASU motto “Fiat Lux,” Latin for “Let there be light,” over a lamp of enlightenment. The lamp rests on a book, representing knowledge. The shield is flanked by a laurel branch on each side, signifying success.

The crowning element of the University Seal’s inner medallion is a five-pointed star, representing the State of Texas. These components are encircled by an outer ring that lists the university name and the institution´s founding year, 1928.

Because of the official nature of the University Seal, which is a trademark of Angelo State University, its use is limited both within and outside the university. Consequently, the seal is approved and licensed only for upscale consumer items, such as diploma frames, pen and pencil sets, paperweights and other products which help maintain the prestige of the seal.