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Amidst a fountain that resembles a rocky West Texas stream, the two life-size Rambouillet sheep are a fitting symbol for the enduring spirit of Angelo State University’s Rams and Rambelles.

The fountain and bronzes came as a gift from beloved San Angelo philanthropist Mrs. Eva Camuñez Tucker, who wanted a striking frontispiece for the Junell Center/Stephens Arena. With the help of San Angelo artist Raul Ruiz, who sculpted the ram and ewe, she succeeded.

Ruiz’s artistry has made a dramatic focal point for the main entry to the Junell Center. The sheep are authentic not only because of Ruiz’s talent but also his heritage. As a young boy, he traveled with his father’s shearing crews as they made their rounds to West Texas ranches. Before he had ever sculpted this pair, he had sheared sheep throughout the region.

The bronze ram, with his horn spread of 30 inches, weighs 500 pounds while the ewe comes in at 480 pounds. The sandstone rocks, quarried in Pecos County, weigh approximately 48 tons.

Dedicated in 2002, the fountain and bronzes today provide a popular setting for photographs by students, alumni and fans.