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Unveiled in December 2003 by the Angelo State University Alumni Association, each gold ring symbolically captures the uniqueness of Angelo State University. The top of the ring presents the ASU seal. One side of the ring shows the State of Texas with a star marking San Angelo. Below that, an oak branch represents the vital aspects of ASU life—hospitality, endurance and triumph. On the other side, the mascot Dominic, a burly Rambouillet Ram, symbolizes strength, courage and an intense resolve, especially when the going is rough.

Prior to each commencement, the ASU Alumni Association hosts a Ring Ceremony where the university president presents the rings to proud recipients. Honored guest at each ceremony is ASU’s proud mascot, Dominic. After receiving their rings most recipients then touch their rings to Dominic´s horns for strength or rub them through his wool for luck.

Students wear the ring with the school name facing them. When they receive their degrees at commencement, graduates turn the ring around, symbolizing that the graduates are now ready to face the world.