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Inventory of Academic Programs

Program Name Degree CIP Career Opportunities and Marketable Skills
Doctoral/Professional Programs
Physical Therapy D.P.T. 51.2308 Physical Therapy Doctorate Program 
Program Name Degree CIP Career Opportunities and Marketable Skills
Graduate Master’s Programs
Administrative Leadership  M.A. 13.0401 Educational Admin Graduate Program
Agriculture M.Ag. 01.0000 Agriculture Graduate Program
Animal Science M.S. 01.0901 Animal Science Graduate Program
Athletic Training M.A.T. 51.0913 Athletic Training Program
Biology M.S. 26.0101 Biology Graduate Program

   Biology Science Education Option

M.S. 26.0101 Biology Graduate Program

Business Administration

M.B.A. 52.0201 Business Admin Graduate Program
Coaching, Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Administration M.Ed. 31.0504 Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Admin. Graduate Program
Communication M.A. 09.0100 Communication Graduate Program
Criminal Justice M.S. 43.0104 Criminal Justice Graduate Program
Curriculum and Instruction M.A. 13.0301  
Educational Leadership M.S. 13.0401 Educational Leadership Program
English M.A. 23.0101 English Graduate Program
Global Security Studies M.S. 45.0902 Global Security Studies Graduate Program
Homeland Security M.S. 43.0301 Homeland Security Degree Program
Intelligence and Analysis M.S.S. 45.0902 Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis Degree Program
Mental Health and Wellness Counseling M.A. 13.1101 Guidance and Counseling Degree Program
   Family Nurse Practitioner M.S.N. 51.3805 Family Nurse Practitioner Degree Program

   Nurse Educator

M.S.N. 51.3203 Nurse Educator Degree Program
Professional Accountancy M.P.Ac.  52.0301 Accounting Degree Program
Professional School Counseling M.S. 13.1101 Professional School Counseling Degree Program
   Applied Psychology M.S. 42.2813 Applied Psychology Degree Program 
   Counseling Psychology M.S. 42.2803 Counseling Psychology Degree Program
   Experimental Psychology M.S. 42.2704 Experimental Psychology
   Industrial/Organizational Psychology M.S. 42.2804 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Degree Program 
Social Work M.S.W. 44.0701 Social Work Program
Student Development and Leadership in Higher Education M.Ed. 13.1102 Student Development and Leadership in Higher Education
Program Degree CIP
Dual Degree Programs (Integrated)
Accounting and Professional Accountancy B.B.A./M.P.Ac 52.0301 / 52.0301
Agribusiness and Business Administration B.S./M.B.A. 01.0102 / 52.0201
Finance and Business Administration B.B.A./M.B.A. 52.0801 / 52.0201
International Business and Business Administration B.B.A./M.B.A. 52.1101 / 52.0201
Management and Business Administration B.B.A./M.B.A. 52.0201 / 52.0201
Management Information Systems and Business Administration B.B.A./M.B.A. 11.0401 / 52.0201
Marketing and Business Administration B.B.A./M.B.A. 52.1401 / 52.0201
Program Name Degree CIP Career Opportunities and Marketable Skills
Undergraduate Baccalaureate Degree Programs
Accounting B.B.A. 52.0301 AEF webpage
Agribusiness B.S. 01.0102 Ag webpage
Agricultural Science and Leadership B.S. 01.0000 Ag webpage
Animal Science B.S. 01.0901 AS webpage
Applied Arts and Sciences B.A.A.S. 30.9999 Applied Arts and Sciences webpage
Art, Studio B.F.A. 50.0702 Art webpage
Biology B.S. 26.0101 Biology webpage
   Life Science Secondary Teacher Certification B.S. 26.0101 Biology webpage
Border and Homeland Security B.S.S. 43.0301 SS webpage
Border Security B.B.S. 43.0301 SS webpage
Chemistry B.S. 40.0501 Chemistry webpage
Civil Engineering B.S.C.E. 14.0801 Engineering webpage
Commercial Aviation B.C.A. 49.0101  
Communication B.A. 09.0100 Comm webpage
Computer Science B.S. 11.0101 CS webpage
Criminal Justice B.A., B.S. 43.0104 SS webpage
Economics B.B.A. 52.0601 AEF webpage
English B.A. 23.0101 English webpage
Exercise Science B.S. 31.0505 Kinesiology webpage
Finance B.B.A. 52.0801 AEF webpage
Food Animal Science and Marketing B.S. 01.0401 Ag webpage
Geoscience B.S. 40.0601 Geoscience webpage
Health Science Professions B.S.H.S.P. 51.0000 HS webpage
History B.A. 54.0101 History webpage
Intelligence and Analysis B.I.A., B.S.S. 45.0902 Security Studies webpage
Interdisciplinary Studies B.I.S. 30.9999 Interdisciplinary Studies webpage 
   Early Childhood to Grade 6 - Generalist B.S. 30.9999  
   Early Childhood to Grade 6 - Generalist with All Level Special Education B.S. 30.9999  
   Grades 4-8, Generalist B.S. 30.9999  
Interdisciplinary Studies Mathematics with Secondary Teacher Certification B.I.S. 30.9999 Mathematics webpage
International Business B.B.A. 52.1101 Business webpage
Kinesiology B.S. 31.0505  Kinesiology webpage
Management B.B.A. 52.0201 Business webpage
Management Information Systems B.B.A. 11.0401 Business webpage 
Marketing B.B.A. 52.1401 Business webpage
Mass Media B.A. 09.0401 Comm webpage
Mathematics B.A., B.S. 27.0101 Math webpage
Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E. 14.1901 Engineering webpage
Music B.A., B.M. 50.0901 Music webpage
Natural Resource Management B.S. 03.0201 Ag webpage
Nursing B.S.N. 51.3801 Nursing webpage
Philosophy B.A. 38.0101 PS webpage
Physics B.S. 40.0801 Physics webpage
Political Science B.A. 45.1001 PS webpage 
Psychology B.A., B.S. 42.0101 Psychology webpage
Social Work B.S.W. 44.0701 SW webpage
Sociology B.A., B.S. 45.1101 Psychology webpage
Spanish B.A. 16.0905 EML webpage
Theatre B.A. 50.0501 Theatre webpage
Graduate Certificates
Academic Advising 13.1102
Athletic Academic Advising 31.0505
Cybercrime Investigation 43.0104
Cybersecurity 43.0301
Emergency Management 43.0301
Family Nurse Practitioner Post Master’s Certificate Program 51.3805
Healthcare Management 52.0201
Leadership and Organizational Communication 09.0901
Media and Professional Communication 09.0909
Nurse Educator Post Master’s Certificate Program 51.3203
Ranch Management and Beef Industry Leadership 01.0901
Teaching of Psychology 42.0101
Undergraduate Certificates
Abstract Mathematics 27.0101
Agricultural Communication 09.0100
Applied Communication 09.0101
Applied Mathematics 27.0101
Applied Statistics 27.0101
Computer Game Development 11.0101
Corporate Communication 09.0101
Creative Writing: Fiction Concentration 23.0101
Creative Writing: Poetry Concentration 23.0101
Cybercrime Criminology 43.0104
Cybersecurity 43.0301
Cybersecurity Technologies 11.0101
Emergency Management 43.0301
Gerontology 45.1101
Global Crime Studies 43.0104
Human Development 42.0101
Human Diversity 42.0101
Media Production 09.0101
Mental Health: Problems and Prevention 42.0101
Online Instructor 13.0901
Organizational Psychology 42.0101
Public Relations/Advertising 09.0101
Technical Writing 23.0101
Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Studies 43.0301
Web and Mobile Development


Youth Development Leadership