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Proposed 2019 Core Additions/Changes

Core Curriculum Matrix

This PDF document identifies proposed core courses and their applicable Core Objectives.

Core Curriculum Matrix 2019 - Proposed Additions

Component Areas with Sample Syllabi

Sample Syllabi contain only common components for all courses; individual class syllabi may contain a variety of other components identified by the individual faculty member.

Proposed Core Additions

Communication (010)
ENGL 2311 - Introduction to Technical and Business Writing

Mathematics (020)
MATH 2312 - Precalculus
MATH 2413 - Calculus I

Life and Physical Sciences (030)
GEOL 1347 - Meteorology
PHYS 2326 - Fundamentals of Physics II

Component Area (090)
PHYS 2126 - Fundamentals of Physics II Laboratory

Proposed Core Changes

Core Curriculum Chart 2019 - Proposed Changes

More Information

For more information on Core Curriculum, see the THECB Website.