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Accounting M.P.Ac. Admission

Admission Requirements


To be granted regular admission, you must:

For admission to senior-graduate status in the integrated programs, you must:

Foundation Requirements

Applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in accounting typically will not need any additional coursework before beginning the graduate coursework in accounting specified above. Applicants who do not hold an undergraduate degree in accounting may be required to complete some or all of the following undergraduate prerequisites for the M.P.Ac. program:

You may take the above courses as leveling courses simultaneously with graduate courses if you have completed the appropriate prerequisites.   ACCT 6303, 6317, 6361 and 6362 cannot be taken until both intermediate accounting courses have been satisfactorily completed.

Application Deadlines

These deadlines are for application only. Financial Aid and Scholarships may have their own deadlines.

Spring: Dec. 1
Fall: July 15
Summer: May 1
International Student Spring: Nov. 1
International Student Fall: June 10
International Student Summer: March 1