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Master of Professional Accountancy Degree Plan (M.P.Ac.)

(30 credit hours)

Students must complete 10 graduate courses for a total of 30 semester credit hours. The M.P.Ac. curriculum and course prerequisites are listed below (all courses are 3 credit hours). Students may be allowed to enroll concurrently in undergraduate courses and graduate courses as long as the prerequisites for the enrolled graduate courses are met.

Required Prerequisites
Courses Hours
ACCT 6303 Applied Auditing 3
ACCT 6309 Advanced Accounting 3
ACCT 6317 Accounting Theory 3
ACCT 6325 Financial Statement Analysis 3
ACCT 6332 Ethics in Accounting 3
ACCT 6361 Advanced Tax Accounting 3
ACCT 6363 Taxation of Flow-through Entities 3
MGMT 6303 Advanced Data Analytics 3

Six graduate hours of electives approved by the M.P.Ac. graduate advisor from ACCT, BUSI, ECON, FINC, MGMT and MKTG


Foundation Requirements

Applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in accounting typically will not need any additional coursework before beginning the graduate coursework in accounting specified above. Applicants who do not hold an undergraduate degree in accounting may be required to complete some or all of the following undergraduate prerequisites for the M.P.Ac. program:

ACCT 2301 – Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 2302 – Principles of Accounting II
ACCT 3305 – Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 3311 – Financial Accounting and Reporting I
ACCT 3312 – Financial Accounting and Reporting II
ACCT 3313 – Financial Accounting and Reporting III
ACCT 3331 – Cost Accounting
ACCT 3361 – Income Tax Accounting
ACCT 4303 – Auditing

BCIS 1305 – Business Computer Applications