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Discover and develop your administrative and leadership strengths in all areas of an organization. Explore topics ranging from managing human resources, leading departments, organizations and institutions, overseeing professional development and training, evaluating how organizations fit within communities, and designing organizational structures.

You will also learn various leadership skills, such as leading remotely, leading through change, leading to make a difference, and in many more areas.

Program Faculty

Our faculty members don’t just know the field, they are actively involved. You will work side by side with them online and always get the attention you deserve in your courses.

Career Opportunities

You will be prepared for advancement/promotion into administrator/leadership roles, including such positions as assistant directors, associate directors, directors, chairs and deans, in the fields of education, higher education, nonprofit organizations, corporations and private businesses; any industry/organization seeking leadership.

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Our Courses

The administrative leadership program consists of diverse learning objectives and engages students in active learning through a variety of activities throughout each course.

Happy CEO communicating with large group of his colleagues on education event in board room.

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