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M.A. in Administrative Leadership Degree Plan

Courses in this program are offered through an online format.

(30 credit hours)

Degree Plan

The M.A. in Administrative Leadership program is designed for candidates pursuing administrative or leadership roles in institutions, organizations and industries, providing education and/or training in diverse environments.

Required Courses
Courses Hours
EDG 6301 Social and Cultural Influences 3
EDG 6302 Data Collection, Analysis, and Application 3
EDG 6305 Legal and Ethical Principles 3
EDG 6311 Instructional Supervision 3
EDG 6340 Structure and Organization of the School System 3
EDG 6342 Personnel and Fiscal Management 3
EDG 6343 School-Community Relationship 3
EDG 6397 Capstone in Administrative Leadership 3
EDEA 6301 Reframing Administration 3
EDEA 6302 Leadership Theories 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 30