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Aerospace Studies Degree Programs

Air Force ROTC cadets are not required to declare any particular major and may select any degree program offered at ASU. Browse the university’s academic departments to find a program that interests you.

Degree Program Incentives

It should be noted, however, that the Air Force and Space Force offers extra scholarship money for specific technical majors.

ASU’s qualifying technical majors are:

Minor in Leadership Studies

Although cadets cannot earn a degree in Aerospace Studies, the 3rd year of Aerospace Studies courses can meet a portion of the requirements for a minor in Leadership Studies. All the requirements for the minor are below:

Aerospace Studies 3312, 3314, Management 3304, Management 4306 or 4308, and six semester credit hours of approved electives selected in consultation with the program advisor. A total of 18 hours with a 2.00 or better GPA. A minimum of six hours must be at the advanced level.

Future Pilots

Students who desire to become pilots can choose any four-year degree plan. View these qualifications for becoming a pilot.

Enlisted-to-Officer Opportunities

ASU’s Aerospace Studies Department has several options for enlisted personnel to earn degrees and become officers.

Your Degree

ROTC students can choose any area of study available at ASU. To get a better idea of what your ROTC curriculum will cover, check out the aerospace studies course descriptions.

Learn more about course descriptions.

Plan Your Future

To learn about how Air Force ROTC can jump-start your career, read more about these areas:

Get a Scholarship

ROTC students can apply for both national and institutional scholarships.

Learn more about scholarships.