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Master of Science (M.S.) in Animal Science Graduate Program

The Master of Science degree with the thesis option is designed for persons intending to continue graduate work at the doctoral level.

The specialized curricula are designed to give you a thorough knowledge of the application of scientific principles to the production, processing and marketing of livestock and livestock products.

The Master of Science degree, thesis option, requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate work, including 21-30 credit hours in Agriculture Department courses (including six credit hours for thesis) and 0-9 credit hours in supporting electives.

General Department Degree Requirements

Your Master of Science program must be initiated under the direction of a major professor and approved by the chair of the Department of Agriculture and the dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The specific courses required will be determined by your advisory committee.

The thesis project must be approved by the advisory committee and graduate dean. All graduate students are expected to successfully pass a comprehensive oral exam at the end of their graduate work. Graduate students completing a thesis option also must successfully defend their thesis.


Our Animal Science program is supported by a wide range of facilities that provide you with unique opportunities to gain experience in every facet of management, instruction and research related to careers in the field of animal science.

ASU operates a comprehensive Management, Instruction and Research (MIR) Center in conjunction with 6,000 acres of land at O.C. Fisher Lake near San Angelo, which the university utilizes as a multi-purpose agricultural production and wildlife management area under a 25-year lease from the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army.

A multi-million dollar complex at the MIR Center includes instructional and research laboratories for animal science, animal anatomy and physiology, animal reproduction, animal nutrition, wildlife management, wool and mohair technology, plant and range sciences, and meat and food science.

Our Food Safety and Product Development (FSPD) Laboratory is about 8,000 square feet and is adjacent to the MIR Center. The facility maintains several laboratories for research and teaching. The FSPD Lab is able to fully process meat and food products from beginning to end with equipment capable of harvesting, processing, cooking/smoking and packaging.

An 80-foot by 120-foot multi-use arena provides facilities for livestock exhibitions and demonstrations, seminars, judging contests and other activities. A maintenance complex includes shops for maintenance and repair of trucks, tractors, and other farm and ranch machinery, and for the construction of various types of equipment needed in animal, wildlife and crop research.

The facilities of the Texas A&M University AgriLife Research and Extension Center at San Angelo are available for specialized instructional needs of ASU students majoring in Animal Science. This center, established adjacent to our MIR Center with the support and assistance of ASU, is a joint partner with our department in striving to meet the agricultural needs of the region.