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Border and Homeland Security

Bachelor of Security Studies (B.S.S.) in Border and Homeland Security

Bachelor of Border Security (B.B.S.)*

  • Online

*The B.B.S. degree is designed for those who already have an associate degree from Community College of the Air Force, or who are on active duty, and it is part of the AU-ABC program.

Earning your ASU border and homeland security degree will prepare you to start or advance your career in the military, border patrol, emergency management or local, state and federal law enforcement.

Be a part of the next generation of border security and homeland security leaders by completing our nationally recognized degree program.

Program Faculty

Our faculty stay up to date with current border security and homeland security issues and regularly publish their research. Our small class sizes mean you really get to know your professors, whether you take your classes on campus or online.

Career Opportunities

The increasing complexity of border security and other national security issues is driving an ongoing demand for border patrol and homeland security professionals.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a steady increase in employment opportunities through 2028.

A female police officer using her radio at night in front of her police car

Our courses

Take advantage of our comprehensive degree program that includes topics ranging from terrorism and counter-terrorism, international trafficking and federal immigration laws - to chemical, biological and radiological hazards and responses.

A U.S. border Security agent, inspecting passport at the U.S. customs and Border Protection stati...

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