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Our program is designed to prepare you to solve problems across organizational contexts through the application of sophisticated business analytics techniques. You will gain expertise in evidence-based data gathering, data modeling and quantitative analysis, which will prepare you to be an effective decision maker within your organization.

Program Faculty

Our diverse faculty bring real-world experience to the program and offer a global view of business and financial analysis and digital data systems. You’ll have the chance to work with them on research projects, and they are dedicated to providing the best possible learning experience, whether it’s on campus or online.

Career Opportunities

Earning this M.S. degree will give you the credentials you need to advance your career as a business analytics manager or consultant, data analyst, data scientist, predictive modeler or business intelligence analyst, as well as in similar fields.

Student takes notes on a laptop with other students in the background.

Our Courses

This degree plan consists of 30 credit hours and includes courses in accounting, business finance, management, marketing and computer science.

Student takes notes with other students in the background.

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