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M.S. in Business Data Science and Analytics Admissions

Admission Requirements


Those students who hold an undergraduate business degree should be prepared to start the M.S.-BDSA curriculum without any foundation courses. For those who do not hold an undergraduate business degree, one or more of the following foundation requirements may be required:

Each of these foundation requirements can be met by successfully completing the appropriate IVY online modules. The self-paced IVY modules can be found on the Ivy Software website. Once each module has been completed with a minimum grade of 80, a completion certificate should be submitted to the M.S.-BDSA director.

Some of these foundation requirements may be waived by the M.S.-BDSA director for those students who can demonstrate successful prior course work in these areas. The foundation requirements for each student are determined on a case-by-case basis. Students will complete all the necessary foundation requirements before they will be permitted to enroll in an M.S.-BDSA course.

Application Deadlines

These deadlines are for applications only. Financial Aid and Scholarships may have their own deadlines.