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Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration Current Student Information

If you are already part of our program, below are some resources for you as you continue your journey towards graduation.

Retention and Graduation

All Coaching, Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Administration graduate students will have their academic progress reviewed by a departmental faculty committee upon completion of each block of 6 semester hours of graduate coursework. At this time any student found to be lacking in communication skills, oral or written, or other basic professionally related competencies can be assisted by faculty to improve their limitations and achieve their career goals. This can include the addition of required specific coursework above the 36 hour degree plan requirement. Additionally, all graduate students are encouraged to join and maintain membership, and participate, in an approved professional association during their tenure as a departmental graduate student along with participating in department approved student professional development club and volunteer programs/activities. This will set a foundation for their total involvement in pre-professional development toward career goals by seeing professionals in action.

Comprehensive Exam

Task Analysis (TA) written exams are developed and administered through the CSRF program director. All faculty are involved in the evaluation of each student’s TA’s. The student must complete the TA’s before the third week preceding the end of the desired semester of graduation. Any deficiencies identified through the TA written exam must be removed before the student will be recommended for graduation.

Course Information

Applied Research can only be taken by second year graduate students, in their second fall semester of attendance, so their work may have the opportunity to be incorporated into the campus student research presentation program held yearly.

The Independent Research and Readings class may be offered in any semester when an opportunity or need arises for students to participate in an outside educational experience.

The Professional Project Renewal class can be offered any semester need- ed for students to complete their Applied Research project.

An appropriate Special Topics course may be designed and added in any semester.