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Commercial Aviation

Bachelor of Commercial Aviation (B.C.A.) - Flight Operations
Bachelor of Commercial Aviation (B.C.A.) - Aviation Administration

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In the Flight Operations degree track, you can expect to earn pilot certifications up to and including:

In the Aviation Administration degree track, you will learn and develop:

Students posing for a group photo while touring the South West Airlines facilities.

Destination 225˚ Program

ASU is a partner in the Southwest Airlines Destination 225˚ pilot recruitment program. If you are accepted into the program and fulfill the requirements, upon earning your B.C.A. degree at ASU you will enter a defined pathway toward a career with Southwest Airlines. You can apply for the program as early as your sophomore year.

Program Faculty

Our diverse on-campus faculty bring real-world experience to the classroom and offer a comprehensive view of aviation administration and operations.

Skyline Aviation is a Part 141 Flight School with professional instructors and the latest in aircraft, simulators and instructional equipment.

Career Opportunities

Begin working in the aviation industry as soon as you graduate. Federal studies project there will be a need for nearly 800,000 new pilots over the next 20 years.

There will also be a high demand for airport, logistics and aviation managers, as well as in fixed-base operations and other administrative areas throughout the commercial aviation industry.

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Inside view of a commercial aviation student in the cockpit of a trainer airplane at Angelo State...

Our Courses

Both degree tracks consist of 120 credit hours of coursework.

The Flight Operations track also requires a minimum of 250 logged flight hours. These are separate, and can be purchased at the beginning of the semester when flight training is required. You can also purchase additional hours to gain proficiency.

Angelo State commercial aviation students, who are part of one of the newest aviation programs in...

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