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Flight Operations Admission Requirements

Admission to the Commercial Aviation Flight Operations program is highly competitive in order to ensure that admitted candidates not only meet the necessary qualifications but also exhibit the potential for extraordinary success in the field of aviation. 

For a candidate to be considered, the following requirements must be met.

Additionally, to facilitate a fair evaluation, we employ a weighted assessment process that considers factors like GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and cognitive skills assessment results.

After successfully applying and securing admission to ASU’s commercial aviation program, candidates will receive communication from a program team member via your email account to collect and confirm the submission of essential documents, including the Airman Medical Certificate, Driver’s License, GPA, and SAT/ACT score.

Once all these requirements are satisfied, the candidate will receive an email containing a link to purchase the Cognitive Skills Test (CST), which costs $40. After the purchase, the candidate will receive a unique key to access and complete the assessment. Upon finishing the CST, the resulting score will be shared with both the candidate and the Commercial Aviation program. The CST and the candidate’s GPA and ACT (or SAT equivalent) determine the Flight Operations Acceptance Score (See the Flight Operations Acceptance Score Calculator).

Cognitive Skills Test 

We use Symbiotics’ Cognitive tests to gauge an individual’s innate aptitude and cognitive capabilities relevant to aviation pursuits and learning. The assessments encompass various dimensions critical for aviation training success, including Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Working Memory, Perceptual Speed & Accuracy, Spatial Relationship Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning.

The test typically takes around 30 minutes to complete, and upon completion, candidates receive a score on a 100-point scale.

Assessment Process

We conduct a thorough and equitable evaluation of every applicant through our weighted assessment process that considers academic performance, standardized test scores, and cognitive aptitude in order to identify the most promising candidates with the potential for exceptional success in our program.

Assessment Weights
GPA Score* 33%
ACT or SAT Equivalent Score* 33%
Cognitive Skills Test Score 34%
Total Possible Flight Operations Acceptance Score 100%

* Scores are converted to a 100-point scale for use in the calculation.

Automatic Acceptance

Achieving a Flight Operations Acceptance Score of 84.13 or higher prior to the application priority deadline guarantees automatic acceptance into the Flight Operations Concentration of the Commercial Aviation Program. For example, the following scores would produce an 84.13 score, which would guarantee acceptance:

Applicants who do not meet this threshold will still be considered based on their ranking with other candidates to fill any remaining availability.

Use the following calculator to determine your Flight Operations Acceptance Score. 

Flight Operations Acceptance Score Calculator

If only SAT score is available, use its ACT Equivalent.
Flight Operations Acceptance Score
A Flight Operations Acceptance Score of 84.13 or higher prior to the priority deadline guarantees acceptance into the program.


The priority application deadline for Fall 2024 was Feb. 1. For all students who met the deadline, acceptance notices will be sent to candidates by Feb. 28.

Admission is now re-opened until March 8, 2024, for the remaining seats for Fall 2024.

Questions? Contact us!

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to the admissions office or contact the aviation program directly. We look forward to welcoming talented aviators like you into our program and helping you soar to new heights in your aviation career.

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