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Earning your communication master’s degree will help you advance your career and/or continue your education into a Ph.D. program.

You will excel in interpersonal and intercultural communication, gender and organizational communication, and non-verbal and small-group communication.

You also have the opportunity to earn two certificates to help further advance your career:

Program Faculty

Our faculty stay up to date on current industry trends, and several have won statewide teaching awards. Our small, seminar-style classes allow you to connect with your professors and classmates for a more intimate learning environment.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates are prepared to plan and manage the communication structure of any public or private organization.

  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “Ram TV Director Donald Plachno really impacted the way I view my work and gave me creative ways to get better as I prepared for life after college.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Dylan Jimenez</strong>, Class of 2019, B.A. in Communication</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “Dr. Flor Madero had made such an impact on my life. I look up to her so much. You can tell that it was her calling to become a professor.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Precious Emeagi</strong>, Class of 2018 and 2021</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “Dr. Herman Howard made learning fun while teaching us life lessons along the way!”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Tyler Ing</strong>, Class of 2025</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “ASU helped prepare for my job with the opportunities it provides, such as working with Ram TV. That helped me build a resume reel, gain experience writing, and obtain an internship, which further prepared me for the position I am in today.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Dylan Jimenez</strong>, Class of 2019, Multi-Media Journalist, Big 2 News, Odessa</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “My favorite class at ASU has been Visual Communications. Not only did I get to be creative in different aspects, but it taught me several useful ways to bring media and advertising into the agriculture realm.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Jaelynn Page</strong>, Class of 2021, Agricultural Science and Leadership</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “ASU (especially the Comm department) has amazing professors who understand that life happens, and they don’t judge you for it.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Senora Scott</strong>, Class of 2021, M.A. in Communication</p> </blockquote>
A female pupil is sitting behind a computer receiving help in lesson from a male teacher

Our Courses

Conduct research with your professors and present papers at statewide communication conferences.

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