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Master of Science (M.S.) in Criminal Justice Degree Plan

(36 credit hours)
Courses Hours
CRIJ 6330 Critical Analysis of Justice Administration 3
CRIJ 6332 Criminal Justice Theory 3
CRIJ 6334 Research Methods and Statistics in Security Studies 3
CRIJ 6339 Police in Society 3
CRIJ 6372 Seminar in Corrections 3
CRIJ 6387 Seminar in Criminal Justice Agency Ethics 3
CRIJ 6389 Capstone Seminar in Criminal Justice 3
CRIJ 6393 Legal Aspects of the Criminal Justice System 3
Electives for the M.S. in Criminal Justice
Electives Hours
Four Courses of Criminal Justice electives 12

Transfer Credit

A maximum of nine (9) credit hours of graduate course work completed in a regionally accredited institution may be transferred toward the M.S. in Criminal Justice. Official transcripts showing the successful completion of the courses you wish to transfer must be on file in the College of Graduate Studies and Research. No graduate work for which you received a grade lower than “B” will be accepted for transfer credit.

No graduate work that was part of a degree awarded at another institution will be accepted for transfer credit. All transferred course work must have been completed no more than six years prior to the awarding of your ASU master’s degree. Approved transfer credit will be awarded after you have successfully completed one semester or term of graduate enrollment.